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Soluciones Ambientales

For all those who still do not know us, tell you that MENZA SOLUCIONES AMBIENTALES, SLU, was born as a result of the initiative of 4 coworkers who left the recycling company where they worked to form a new company that was more in line with its quality principles and continued development.

The extensive proven work experience of this team in the recycling sector, as well as the desire to start a new project, were enough so that the € 3,000 necessary for the constitution of a company, did not fall to the bottom.

Currently, MENZA, is a company specialized in the collection and recovery of all types of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, and for this it has 2000m2 industrial facilities, located in the municipality of Sallent (BCN).

Our industrial process?

To date, we have a crushing and washing line of post-industrial plastics, with a capacity of 1000 Kg / hour, which allows us to internalize the recycling process and thus guarantee a quality in the crushed materials that we sell, as well as a traceability of the materials.

And for this, we have a small laboratory, where we carry out measurements of the main quality parameters of the materials obtained: density and MFI.

The company is young and has not given us more time, but we have many projects to implement new technology in the short and medium term, which we will inform you as they are being executed.

We value and recover:

  • HDPE injection and extrusion
  • PP injection and extrusion
  • Plastics from RAEES and automotive such as PC, ABS, PC-ABS, PMMA, PS.
What are our markets??

The most important percentage of our business volume is currently focused on the national market, although the export and import of recycled plastic materials from other countries is also being key in our company, for the replacement of virgin granules with recycled materials. , and obtaining better market prices.




Our specialty?

This question is surely the most difficult to answer, but from our company we think that what can differentiate us from the rest, is our knowledge of the recycling market, our commitment to comply with current legislation and our desire to innovate in the processes carried out out, always printing on everything we do, our seal of social commitment and the environment.

In MENZA we are aware that our success depends on the degree of satisfaction that our customers have in everything we propose and do to them, so that the organization and planning in our company is key to guarantee the fulfillment of our services.

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